Video Production

Video Production Course

.On this course you will learn the fundamental concepts and techniques behind video so you can start making quality video in no time. It is suited for any level of interest so register now to start making amazing videos


  • Lesson 1 - Introduction to Capturing Video

    This introductory lesson establishes what Video is and looks at some different styles to explore. It will get you started with any device that you are using to capture video!

  • Lesson 2 - How Video Works

    This lesson breaks down how video is captured in our cameras and looks at an important aspect of video essential to our understanding of it – Frames per second. This goes hand in hand with shutter speed and here the relationship between them is explored.

  • Lesson 3 - Apertures and Lenses

    Lenses allow us to control what we want the viewer to see. This lesson covers the different lenses used and also how we can control the volume of light in a scene using the Aperture.

  • Lesson 4 - Compositional Techniques & Movement

    Composition and Movement are essential to creating engaging videos. Here we look at how to use movement and composition to enhance your video work.

  • Lesson 5 - White Balance & Lighting

    Incorrect white balance will mean incorrect colours so this lesson covers how to get it correct every time. This goes hand in hand with lighting, as a correctly lit scene can influence the atmosphere and mood of a shoot greatly.

  • Lesson 6 - Shooting Video Manually

    Shooting fully manual gives you total creative control over the scenes you are shooting. Shutter, Aperture and ISO all come together during this lesson. Having manual control gives you total creative control over your videos!

  • Lesson 7 - Audio

    Sound is 50% of our movies. Without audio we have nothing to work with. It also looks at the importance of audio and how to begin to sync the audio with video for a refined product.

  • Lesson 8 - Basic Cinematography

    Cinematography is the creative part of video. Having established all the technical aspects of video it is now about ensuring that our videos maintain quality throughout and that we can achieve our vision by putting all the aspects of the course into place to produce a final product.

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