Digital Marketing Course Syllabus



Digital Marketing is about promoting products or services online using electronic devices. Due to the growing popularity of marketing via internet, companies are gaining higher profitability and return on investment. 

Hence, they seek for skilled professionals to take care of their internet marketing front

Increase your knowledge and learn valuable skills in Digital Marketing which can be successfully applied across your current role, assist you with a new role, or help you start your own business. 

Learning Digital Marketing will gain you a skill-set that will be quite beneficial to your career – be it a full time or freelancing job. It is up to you to pick what sort of Digital Marketer you want to be;

  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Become Freelancer offering Digital Marketing services
  • Turn into a Digital Marketing Trainer
  • or Earn money online via Blogging or Affiliate networks

Before deciding to go any longer, it is essential to gain knowledge of what Digital Marketing entails. Here’s a shortlist of it.

SEO – Deals about optimizing a website to get higher ranking in the search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

AdWords – Is a paid advertising platform where ads are shown on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Analytics – Analyzing the data about what works the best and what does not and seeing what can be done to improve.

Social Media – Helps to get more engagement and awareness via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Email Marketing – It is where Marketing and communication accomplished via email platforms.

Content – Normally all things related to writing sensible, compelling, valuable content to attract target audience for marketing purpose.

Online Ads – Involves advertising across multiple platforms and devices through online.

Conversion Optimization – Helps to study about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to converting customers. Involves analyzing, testing and improving the overall experience for better results.

On completion of this course, you'll walk away knowing.

  • SEM
  • SMM
  •  SEO,
  • content,
  • strategy and campaign creation and optimisation. 

32 interactive lessons, 4 modules, 6 weeks - 

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Gain your Diploma in Digital Marketing

What you will learn

1.Your Introduction to Digital Marketing - It's Not Just A Bunch Of Acronyms!

The first lesson in your Professional Diploma lays a solid foundation for what Digital Marketing and Performance Marketing is. You'll learn frequently used terms in the industry, understand what objectives and KPIs are and we go through a few examples of performance-focused channels for different common objectives.

2. Tracking and Measuring Your Marketing Efforts - Get This Right And You Can't Go Wrong

This lesson walks you through various marketing funnels and provides helpful tools and tips to help ensure your own objectives are realistic. Before any marketing campaign or tactic can be launched, tracking needs to be in place, so you'll get an introduction to the incredible tool that is Google Analytics as well as learn about UTMs

3.Effectively Reaching Your Target Market - First Impressions Make Or Break You

Now that you have an understanding of digital marketing, your objectives and the tracking that needs to be in place, lesson 3 is focused on target markets. Who will buy your product / service? How do you conduct market analysis and what are customer journeys? These are just some of the questions we answer in this lesson.

4.The Importance of Mobile - First Impressions Make Or Break You

Mobile and mobile marketing can’t be ignored as it takes over Desktop traffic more and more each year. In this lesson we will look at important mobile info, the difference between "responsive" and "mobile-friendly", tools to improve mobile speed and recommendations for an optimised mobile site.

5. Free Digital Marketing Options - No Budget, No Problem

Not every business has a big budget to dedicate to paid marketing and therefore need to ensure their free marketing works as best as it can. This lesson shows you how to create various social media pages and gives a simple breakdown of SEO and how Google My Business pages assist this.

6. The World Of Google Ads - An Introduction

Google's suite of products enable you to target your market accurately and in most cases, cost-effectively. This lesson covers Search and Display campaigns as well as policies, ad creation, bid strategies and recommendations. A jam-packed lesson designed to give you confidence to create your own campaigns.  

7. Making Paid Social Work For You

Social Media platforms dominate marketing strategies due to the sheer number of people you can reach on the multiple channels available. After this lesson, you'll understand how people and businesses use different channels, which Facebook and Instagram campaign options might suit you best, ad types and policies across these platforms and understand the basics of LinkedIn and Twitter. 

8. Creating A Digital Strategy

The final lesson in this module combines the learnings from the previous 7 lessons and shows you how to create a Digital Strategy. While going through B2C and B2B examples, you'll align target markets to channels, create a content plan, discuss budgeting and determine re-marketing strategies.

Who should learn Digital Marketing?

What sort of person is suitable for a digital marketing career? 

Who should learn Digital Marketing? 

There are a lot of questions many people ask when they consider learning digital marketing. It is not only about your education level, skills, and qualifications, but there are also some more factors that you should be aware of when evaluating your career potential.

People from all the walks of life could very well benefit from learning Digital Marketing. Listed below are some professionals who should learn digital marketing and can immediately get benefited from doing a digital marketing training program.

Students – As the importance of Digital Marketing is growing enormously day by day, the chances of it becoming a stable career are prominent. Students with knowledge in digital marketing are capable of turning out into entrepreneurs building start-ups with new business ideas. Also, students doing BBA and MBA can learn digital marketing course along with their studies as it serves as a bonus in boosting up their resumes. Moreover, digital marketing trained MBA graduates are quite eligible in getting placed as Digital Marketing Analyst, SEO executive, PPC manager, etc.

Marketing Professionals – As said before, Marketing Professionals holding a BBA or MBA degree, Sales professionals, Business development executives, and other experienced individuals in marketing field can benefit from taking up this digital marketing course. Marketing officials should no more consider learning digital marketing as an option to proceed later. It is high time that they must require the knowledge of digital marketing concepts in order to survive in the digitized world of marketing.

Career Switchers / Individuals – Individuals who are presently executing traditional marketing strategies and who would like to “switch-over” to new marketing channels are highly in need of doing a digital marketing course. Sticking on to the outdated marketing tactics may give negative impact instead of doing good. Those individuals who wanted to try modern marketing strategies that the society has been discovered and following currently are invited to take up this digital marketing training program.

CEO – Being a boss you can keep an eye on the digital marketing strategies implemented by his organization and can assist in carrying out the process with the concern teams. Attaining a clear knowledge about the concepts makes the CEO proficient at delivering his suggestions and contribution.

Business Owners – People already into the business sectors are also getting benefitted from learning digital marketing courses. It provides a huge way for them to earn money and generate profits at minimal efforts with higher ROI. Business professionals can run their businesses more efficiently with this knowledge, and it makes it much easier to earn profits.

IT Professionals – Personals working in IT sectors also has a big deal of benefit in taking up digital marketing training. With the growing importance of DM people with IT background can have a sound future. A lot of businesses are coming forward to spend a good deal of money and being an IT professionals with digital marketing skills can get you hired easily in large business firms.

Thus having a thorough knowledge of Digital Marketing is quite important to everyone. On observing how digitization is increasing by leaps and bounds, the skills of digital marketing are essential and becoming invaluable for future.

Others – Online marketing is not only meant for sales and marketing professionals. Anyone (even a layman) with a high knowledge and desire to walk through this area can master the subject with hard work and dedication.