Copy Writing Course Overview

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Do you want to become an in-demand copywriter? 

Our copywriting course will give you the skills and certifications you need.

You will learn how to write original, persuasive and engaging copy that gets results.

Many leading corporations use our online copywriting course to train their writers. And numerous individuals testify that it is practical, effective and great value for money.

The course is ideal for:

  • Beginners.
  • People who want to start a freelance business.
  • Copywriters who want to develop their skills.
  • People who work in marketing and sales.
  • Staff training and development.
  • Journalists and writers who need to retrain.
  • Freelancers and small business owners.
  • Interpreters, translators and virtual assistants.
  • Students who want to develop the skillset

There is a strong demand for certified copywriters in Nigeria these days. Most organisations  and Politicians, Govt Agencies need people who can write effective copy for:

  • Webpages, blogs and social media.
  • Advertisements, brochures, leaflets and sales presentations.
  • Direct mail and emails.
  • SEO articles and pay per click ads.
  • Press releases and advertising features.

Our online copywriting course teaches you to write for all these areas and others. And you can use the work you produce in the course assignments in your career portfolio

You will study in our Online Learning Area, which is accessible from a computer or a mobile app. This means the course is flexible, and gives you the chance to tackle practical, real-world copywriting tasks at home, at work or on the go.

You will also benefit from unlimited tutor support every step of the way, including personalised feedback on every assignment.

As a certified copywriter, you could be:

  • Delivering high-quality content for a business or an organisation or a politician/political party
  • Building your own copywriting agency, and choosing your own hours, clients and projects.
  • Earning up to up to N10.000 an hour as a freelancer.

If you enjoy writing, then becoming a copywriter is a great way to earn good money and express your creativity.

We have an excellent track record in helping our copywriting learners find work, set up as successful freelancers and apply new skills to use in the workplace

Copywriting course subjects

Each lesson on this vocational course includes a practical assignment, based on real-world copywriting.

Every assignment is personally marked and graded by your tutor, so you’ll receive expert feedback on your progress.

Our hands-on copywriting course will teach you how to:

  • Craft copy that engages readers and persuades them to act.
  • Adapt your writing for different markets and formats.
  • Write effective copy for websites, blogs and social media.
  • Develop brand names and write effective sales copy.
  • Understand how copywriting integrates with SEO.

You will also learn how to present your copy professionally, carry out targeted research, and comply with the advertising codes of practice.

Our copywriting course has been independently endorsed under the Quality Licence Scheme, who endorse high-quality, and training programmes.

So at the end of this course successful learners will receive a  diploma in copywriting, which is recognised in the UK and beyond. 

It proves you are a certified copywriter.

These certifications will enable you to apply for copywriting, content writing and social media jobs, find freelance work, or use your new skills in the workplace.

How long will it take?

Our online courses are flexible. 

There are no deadlines, time limits or expiry dates. So, you can study at a pace that suits you, and fit the course around your lifestyle.

Most people take around three months to complete this course, but each learner is different.

There are no set start dates. 

You can enrol and begin studying when you want to.

What will I need?

We aim to keep our course delivery as simple as possible, so people of all ages, locations and abilities can take part.

This is what you will need to study our copywriting course:

  • Access to a computer, tablet or similar device.
  • Internet access.
  • Microsoft Word provided by us
  • An official and professional  email account provided to you

What will I learn?

This course covers every aspect of copywriting. Each lesson includes a practical assignment which is based on the real world of copywriting. 

All assignments are personally marked and graded by a tutor, so you’ll be receiving expert feedback at each stage of the course.

Lesson 01: Copywriting basics

  • Examine what a copywriter does, and the qualities they need.
  • Describe different types of copy.
  • Recognise different good and bad copy.

Lesson 02: Copy presentation

  • Submit copy to various platforms in recognised formats.
  • Create an industry-standard cover sheet.

Lesson 03: Researching your subject

  • Carry out fast and effective internet research.
  • Use the information to improve copy.

Lesson 04: Terminology

  • Be aware of specialist copywriting terminology.
  • Locate online glossaries.
  • Translate common terms in to layman’s English.

Lesson 05: Industry codes of practice

  • Explain the need for codes of practice within the copywriting industry.
  • State where to find the relevant codes online.
  • Understand what the codes say and how to apply them.

Lesson 06: How to write great copy

  • Define the qualities needed to make copy attractive and effective.
  • Explain the need to write with your reader in mind.
  • Explain the importance of good spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Define the techniques that apply to most spheres of writing.

Lesson 07: Effective headings

  • Explain the qualities of an effective heading.
  • Describe the principles and techniques involved in writing headings.

Lesson 08: Advertising content

  • Define what an advertising feature is.
  • Explain why advertising features are used and why they can be effective.
  • Explain how to choose original subjects for advertising features.
  • List the writing techniques used to make advertising features effective.

Lesson 09: Direct mail and email

  • Explain when direct mailshots can be used effectively.
  • Define the qualities that help direct mail copy to have impact and success.
  • Explain how headings can be used effectively.
  • Define how email shots are different and the qualities needed to make effective use of them.

Lesson 10: Press releases

  • Define the qualities that help press releases to have impact and success.
  • List the occasions when the use of press releases is appropriate.
  • Define the importance of a press letter and when it can be used effectively.
  • Explain the importance of presenting, and sending, press releases correctly.

Lesson 11: Press advertisements

  • Understand what a press ad is.
  • See the briefing process and your role within it.
  • Work on the four key elements of an ad.
  • How to write a press ad.
  • Write for business to business publications.

Lesson 12: Sales pitches, presentations and proposals

  • Explain and use techniques for writing copy which companies use to promote themselves and their businesses, including:
    • Pitches.
    • Presentations.
    • Proposals.

Lesson 13: Leaflets and brochures

  • Understand what brochures and leaflets are and how they compare.
  • See why a business would choose either a brochure or a leaflet.
  • Identify the key elements included in brochures and leaflets.
  • Write content for a successful leaflet.
  • Produce a brochure containing the main components.

Lesson 14: SEO articles

  • Explain what an SEO article is and what it is intended to achieve.
  • List the stages involved in writing an SEO article.
  • Demonstrate how to identify key search words.

Lesson 15: Social media and blogs

  • Understand the basics of social media.
  • Discuss the differences and similarities between social media sites.
  • Discuss the copywriter’s role in social media marketing.
  • Explain how to write social media copy.
  • Know what a blog is, and how to start and maintain one.

Lesson 16: Pay per click ads

  • Understand what a pay per click advert is.
  • Look at pay per click advertising across the web.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of Google AdWords.
  • Write an AdWords advert with keyword identification.
  • Help clients with Google AdWords and earn a living.

Lesson 17: Newsletters

  • Write and compile a newsletter.
  • Understand what is included in a newsletter.
  • Compile newsletters for a specific audience.
  • Explain the relevance of newsletters to ecommerce.

Lesson 18: Brand names and outdoor advertising

  • Understand how to develop a brand name.
  • Write a brand strategy.
  • Find out where outdoor advertising is relevant and how to engage with it.

Lesson 19: Finding work and developing your career

  • List strategies for promoting your web presence.
  • Select appropriate ways to start finding copywriting and editing work.
  • Explain how to negotiate fees and tie up details of copywriting jobs.

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Any type of organisation needs skilled copy writing skills

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