Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an exciting and highly debated technology that offers transformative potential across all sectors of the economy. 

AI is a fascinating technology that is entering every aspect of our work and daily lives. It improves existing products and processes, and also fosters disruptive innovation. We need to embrace it, while also defining its legal and ethical boundaries within our organisations, and society as a whole

It’s a pervasive and general-purpose technology that has already spawned many disruptive and incremental innovations, fuelling what often are inflated expectations of what this technology is capable of now and in the future. 

At the same time, the growing applications of AI also means society is increasingly becoming aware of the challenges inherent in this technology, and how AI is starting to change the future of work across occupations. 

In order to understand AI and its true potential – what it can do and what it cannot do – people need to understand how the technology works. 

The  Artificial Intelligence Programme therefore aims to provide you with a sound understanding of the technology: its history, functionality and capability, as well as the limitations that are inherent in its methods. 

On completion of this programme you will have developed an informed opinion about the possibilities AI holds, and be able to reflect on its implications. 

Through exposure to empirical research and real-life case studies, you will consider the potential presented by AI, and will be able to make an informed decision around its application.

What the programme covers 

The programme provides you with diverse insights and perspectives on the ethical, legal and social considerations around AI in order to critically appraise AI technologies. It also introduces you to the mechanics involving AI. 

While you won’t be expected to code, you will still get the opportunity to learn about the technology and develop a foundational understanding of how it works. 

Ultimately, you will assess all the opinions surrounding AI and then be encouraged to make up your own mind about the potential of the technology in your organisation and society as a whole.

This programme is for you, if you want to:

  • Explore the possibilities of AI application in your organisation and build a business case for its implementation. 
  • Develop a sound understanding of the technology: its history, functionality and potential, as well as its limitations. 
  • Formalise your AI knowledge with a  Diploma certificate 
  • Develop your employability

Who should take this programme? 

This programme is designed for management and business leaders across multiple functions and industries looking to understand the possibilities of AI. 

It’s also applicable for technical working professionals such as CIOs, IT managers, and business analysts and students  looking to better understand how artificial intelligence can be implemented within  organisations. 

This programme aims to bridge the gap between business and technology

What you will learn 

This  programme integrates rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and quizzes as well as traditional didactic components such as written study guides (programme notes). 

There are also opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums. 

The following modules contribute to the holistic approach your learning path takes:


Artificial intelligence ecosystem Explore the history and potential of AI within the context of the digital ecosystem. By the end of this module you will deduce the potential trajectory of AI in your organisation or an organisation of your choice from the analysis of the history and case examples of artificial intelligence. 


AI and machine learning: Understanding the black box Delve into the mechanics of the three main types of machine learning: supervised, reinforcement, and unsupervised learning. By the end of this module you will judge the machine learning workflows for supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning.


Understanding deep learning and neural networks Understand what deep learning is and how it is powering the modern approach to AI. By the end of this module you will assess the mechanics of machine learning algorithms, such as neural networks. 


Working with intelligent machines Explore the concept of intelligence in machines and the impact of AI in the labour market. By the end of this module you will justify which areas in the sector or profession of your choice have the greatest potential to be impacted by AI applications. 


The ethics of artificial intelligence Explore the hierarchy of ethical and legal considerations around AI. By the end of this module you will draft the ethical principles that your organisation or an organisation of your choice should instil for its AI applications. 


How to drive AI in your business Identify the potential business opportunity of AI in a specific context. Develop a business case for the application of AI in your organisation or an organisation of your choice.

About Us

Having researched the skill gap between the academic institution and the business environment

We create a new class of learning experience – one that is immersive, collaborative, and designed for optimal accessibility to bridge this gap. 

We strive to educate people for successful careers. As a community, we seek to use business acumen and global networks to address long-horizon phenomena like demographic change, new technologies and natural resource scarcity. 

As a digital education provider, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge education and ground-breaking research that transforms individuals, organisations, business practice and society. 

To achieve this we select, design and deliver premium online courses with a data-driven focus on learning gain. 

Technology meets academic rigour in our people-mediated model which enables lifelong learners across the globe to obtain industry-relevant skills that are certified by the world’s most reputable academic institutions.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll receive a certificate as powerful proof of the enhanced skills and thinking abilities you’ve developed. 

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. In order to be issued with a certificate you will need to meet the requirements outlined 

Your certificate of will be issued in your legal name and couriered to you at your designated address.

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